Reputation Marketing

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Marketing online is a requirement for every business. Reputation Marketing is the game changer.  Some significant changes have occurred recently to the online market place which has shifted the marketing priorities.

Game Changer #1 in Reputation Marketing

Google has changed their algorithms to now display the reviews with directories and Google+ Local pages.   The number of mobile users using smart phones and tablets and the significant growth of online reviews sites, such as Yelp, Manta, Weblocal, Urbansppon and others.

Game Changer #2.  Reviews are a major factor in consumers’ decisions.

Now, when a searcher is typing in your business name and location they are seeing the listing with the reviews and reputation score associated with your business name.  Then right below that are the reviews sites. The reviews stars are even showing up in Pay Per Click.  The single most important marketing now is reviews and reputation marketing.

Would you buy a product or service that has bad reviews and ratings?  Obviously no.

The next question is: If two products or services were identical and one had 10 good reviews and the other had 8 good reviews and 2 bad reviews, who would you want to do business with?  That is the difference between your business receiving the call or your competitors.

Game Changer #3.  Social media marketing, Website optimization, and Local Marketing do not matter anymore when you have bad reviews.

People go online everyday looking for the most reputable company with which to do business.  Your business is only one bad review away from losing a good reputation.  Your other marketing is losing its leverage because of a bad review.  Reputation marketing is now the most important online marketing.

The biggest challenge that businesses are now experiencing is managing the reviews being posted about their business reputation.  We all recognize that bad reviews are often posted more often than good ones.   It is time to take control of managing the online reviews.

Our reputation marketing software and system is designed to create a 5 star reputation online and manage the bad reviews appropriately.

When fully implemented and managed it will change your business reputation and leave your competitors in the shadows.

Bright Local conducted a survey and found that 72 % of people look at reviews and trust them after reviewing 6 -10 reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.  That is huge game changer.

Game Changer #4.  Consumer trust is now the most important thing after personal recommendations. 

Neilson’s rating for the top rated companies in the world when it comes to advertising said “when it comes to the extent you trust different forms of advertising, which is the most important thing that you trust?”  92 % trust recommendations from people they know.  70% trust opinions based on online reviews.   This is the biggest game changer in marketing.

They trust online reviews more than articles and editorial reviews from newspapers and magazines.

Reputation marketing is consumer reviews posted online and having your staff trained on the way this affects the business.   Measuring marketing effectiveness online has sometimes been a challenge.  However, with reputation and reviews now weighing in at 70% of trust, reputation marketing is measurable.

Recommendations from people and opinions posted online is reputation marketing. Reputation management is a defensive position and yesterdays online marketing strategy and it does not create new business.

Why is reputation marketing so vital to a business?   The average consumer looks up 10 reviews before making a decision.  The secret is to know how many reviews you need to be credible.   70% of consumers trust a business with 6-10 reviews.  Your business needs to have them as 5 star reviews.

When you really want to dominate your market position you have to take control of your reputation marketing.  To start you need to know where your business reputation is currently ranking.  We offer a free reputation marketing report.  (look at the top of the site to access) This report will go online and sift and sort through the different data pieces online and bring back to you what is being posted about your business online.  It compares the good reviews to the bad reviews and gives you your score.  It gets the information from the biggest branded sites.

There are four types of reputations. 

Bad Reputation: It requires immediate attention because it is causing your business losses.

No Reputation: It requires a development of a 5 star reputation done right.

Good Reputation:  Heading in the right direction and requires a focused reputation marketing strategy

 5 Star Reputation: Our reputation marketing software and system creates and controls it to deliver the marketing results.

Our 5 Star Reputation Marketing Plan includes the follow strategies:

  • Create professional design review postcards and business cards that direct the reviewers to a customized private review page.
  • Email templates that motivate people to read and take action directing them to the private review page.
  • Posting the reviews on your website.
  • We create a custom private review page.   This page is where your reviewers are directed to for easily posting their reviews.  The reviews are then managed in the back office of our system.
  • You now have control over the reviews.   They are handled appropriately.
  • We will monitor daily the reviews being posted and send them to you, both the 5 star reviews and the bad reviews.
  • Many businesses have more than one location and each location requires its own 5 star reputation marketing system.
  • Training to create a 5 star reputation marketing culture.

Managing a 5 star reputation is more than just monitoring and reporting.  It’s about creating a reputation marketing culture that continuously grows your reviews for each location so they are fresh and recent reviews, because consumers discount reviews that are 12-18 months old.

We create a custom online education training center for your staff to learn and understand what reputation marketing is and why it is important.   The training then gives them access to the quiz and the goal is to create the culture of reputation marketing so they can take the quiz over again until they see all the right answers.

Every business requires a solid reputation marketing strategy to be the market leaders and dominate the business.   Our system bring together the game changers for businesses that are incorporating it into their online marketing strategy.

To get started you can fill in your contact information or give us a call.  For sure you should obtain your instant reputation marketing report.